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Oxarc brings powerful clean tech solution to northwest industries

Powerful partnership between IceTech America, Inc. and Oxarc Inc. makes the revolutionary Dry Ice Blasting technology available to industries in the Pacific Northwest region of USA..

CINCINNATI, OH, June 8, 2010 - Industries in the Pacific Northwest of USA seeking a better way to maintain their critical equipment can now look forward to a more cost efficient and environmentally safer alternative called Dry Ice Blasting.

Oxarc Inc., the industry leader in welding and industrial supplies, as well as industrial, medical and specialty gases with a large presence in Northwest USA, has signed a partnership with IceTech America to distribute the latter’s top range Dry Ice Blasting
equipment from February 1, 2010 onwards. With twenty locations in the region, Oxarc will be making this cutting edge cleaning technology easily available to the industries there.

Dry Ice Blasting has been fast gaining popularity as an alternative cleaning method due to its non-abrasive properties and that it does not leave behind any secondary toxic waste. Its efficiency and effectiveness far exceeds conventional industrial cleaning
methods and it has been proven to reduce maintenance downtime and man-hour costs. “We have been receiving many enquiries from the Pacific Northwest region, so we had to find a distributor with a solid track record and a strong market presence in that region,”
said Dennis Hjort, President of IceTech America Inc. “Oxarc already has strong market presence and professional sales team in the three states. With its long history of providing excellent products and after sales services it was an obvious choice to have
them as IceTech’s distributor”.

With dry ice pelletizing capabilities already established at Oxarc since 2008, adding blasting equipment to its product inventory enables the company to offer a complete package of both cleaning equipment and material. They are now able to offer the right
equipment for their customers’ specific application needs.

The partnership did not come quickly. Oxarc chooses only manufacturers and equipment that compliments their full line of products that matches their expectation of quality and value. “After researching and comparing several competitors, the features, benefits, and quality of the IceTech equipment, made IceTech the right decision,” said Mike Sutley, General Manager & Vice President of Oxarc. “It helps that IceTech was easy to do business with and understood the value a distributor brings to the sales when developing sales.”

Since the partnership was forged, Oxarc has already hit the market strong with several success stories. “Oxarc likes to be diversified. Dry Ice Blasting has given us another opportunity that adds sales dollars and margin to the bottom line,” said Mr. Sutley. “This year our sales trend has already shown a 5% higher than expected revenue. By selling IceTech’s blasting equipment we believe it will naturally lead to additional dry ice sales. We are looking forward to a very positive growth by this year”.
Mr. Hjort concurs, “ We are very confident that the partnership between IceTech and OXARC will produce synergistic growth for both companies. Our focus now is to provide the best support possible to Oxarc”.

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IceTech America, Inc.
8050 Beckett Center Drive
West Chester, OH 45011
For media enquiries, please contact
North America, Dennis Hjort, President, IceTech America Inc., Tel: 513-942-4144
Worldwide, Bjarne Nielsen, CEO, Ice Tech A/S Tel: +45 7656 1500
For product and partnership opportunities, please contact
IceTech America, Inc.
Dennis Hjort, President, IceTech America Inc., 513-942-4144


Note to Editors
More About Dry Ice Blasting

Dry Ice Blasting is a cleaning technology that uses dry ice pellets propelled at high speed to clean off surface contamination, corrosion and deposits on industrial production equipment. It is a powerful alternative to traditional methods of cleaning because it reduces maintenance downtime and man-hour costs. The non-abrasive cleaning process will not damage the surface and is completely environmentally friendly. Dry Ice Blasting avoids the use of conventional chemical intensive cleaning methods with no secondary toxic waste produced. Even the gas used in making the dry ice is derived from the byproducts of other industries that would otherwise have been released only to contribute directly to greenhouse warming.

About IceTech America, Inc.
IceTech America Inc. was set up as a subsidiary of IceTech International in 2006. It specializes in developing and supplying the world’s best and most cost effective Dry Ice Blasting systems and Pelletizers to countries across North America. IceTech is known for its many innovative technology firsts in the dry ice blasting industry. IceTech’s ongoing commitment to remain a worldwide industry leader is shown by its aggressive expansion and growth in the North American market. Learn more at www.icetechworld.com

About Oxarc Inc.
OXARC Inc. is a family owned business that has been providing welding and industrial supplies, as well as industrial, medical and specialty gases, since 1968. OXARC stocks a variety of retail and wholesale items and houses a complete service, warranty repair, and emergency repair facility for related products that they sell. They have stores (17), warehouses and stock points (70), located throughout the Inland
Northwestern United States. OXARC is EDI Capable (Electronic Data Interchange) which gives them the ability to electronically handle the needs of our customers and participate in electronic government and military procurement programs. The OXARC Safety Products and Fire Equipment Divisions have complete lines of Industrial Safety Products including gas detection and monitoring equipment, protective clothing, respiratory protections, fall protection, first aid supplies and service, fire extinguishers and systems sales and service. Industrial, Medical, and Specialty Gases are packaged and distributed from seven northwest facilities. Oxarc also has 2 welding schools and provides certified welding inspections along with non destructive testing in the field.
Learn more at www.oxarc.com

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