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IceTech and Continental Carbonic Products, Inc


Hamilton, OH March 3, 2010 

Industrial Cleaning Set To Change with Powerful New Partnership
Between Two Great Industry Leaders

IceTech America, Inc. and Continental Carbonic Products, Inc. sign deal to offer cutting edge cleaning technology to American industries.

Industries seeking the best way to clean their most critical equipment and production machines in a safe, environmentally friendly and cost efficient manner now have a viable solution within reach. Continental Carbonic Products, Inc., the largest privately held manufacturer and distributor of dry ice in the United States, has agreed to distribute dry ice blasting equipment manufactured by IceTech America, Inc., to offer the cutting edge industrial cleaning technology to industry’s most challenging demands.
Dry Ice Blasting is a cleaning technology that uses dry ice pellets propelled at high speed to clean off surface contamination, corrosion and deposits on industrial production equipment. It is a powerful alternative to traditional methods of cleaning because it reduces maintenance
downtime and man-hour costs. The non-abrasive cleaning process will not damage the surface and is completely environmentally friendly. Dry Ice Blasting avoids the use of conventional chemical intensive cleaning methods with no secondary toxic waste produced. Even the gas used in making the dry ice is derived from the byproducts of other industries that would otherwise have been released only to contribute directly to greenhouse warming.

Continental Carbonic Products, Inc. will now offer a wide range of dry ice blast cleaning solutions from IceTech’s extensive product line and from their own quality dry ice products. “As an industry leader we are always on the lookout for strong partners and we found that in IceTech. They offer a high quality equipment range backed by years of expert application knowledge,” said John Funk, President of Continental Carbonic. “Our customers can now expect great cleaning solutions offered at an outstanding value”.

“IceTech’s Dry Ice Blasting equipment is considered top range because they are highly effective and easier to use compared to other blasting equipment available in the market,” said Dennis Hjort, President of IceTech America, Inc. For example, the KG50 1” Pro model dry ice blasting machine can reduce the cleaning cycle by as much as two thirds. IceTech machines can be remotely controlled and have high degree of flexibility and variable adjustments allowing users to design a cleaning process specifically tailored to their needs.

“We have had our IceTech blaster for a few years now. It has helped reduce cleaning time on our equipment. It's fast, powerful and actually kind of fun to use,” said Darron Littleton, Flexo Supervisor of Fold-Pak, A RockTenn company. “Our operating costs have been significantly reduced because of the lower maintenance downtime and subsequent higher productivity.” -Many customers have reported at least a 25% increase in productivity when they switched to Dry Ice Blasting.

With Continental Carbonic’s 34 offices around the US, Dry Ice Blasting technology coupled with great local support is now made accessible to any industry in the US.

About IceTech America, Inc.
IceTech America Inc. was set up as a subsidiary of IceTech International in 2006. It specializes  in developing and supplying the world’s best and most cost effective Dry Ice Blasting systems and Pelletizers to countries across North America. IceTech is known for its many innovative technology firsts in the dry ice blasting industry. IceTech’s ongoing commitment to remain a worldwide industry leader is shown by its aggressive expansion and growth in the North American market.

About Continental Carbonic Products, Inc.
Continental Carbonic specializes in the manufacture and distribution of dry ice and liquid carbon dioxide producing over 600,000,000 lbs of dry ice annually. Along with sales and rentals of dry ice blasting equipment, the company services customers throughout the eastern half of the United States in a variety of industries that use dry ice. As the first company to offer high-density dry ice pellets and a complete range of Dry Ice Blasting solutions, Continental Carbonic continues to be an industry leader.
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